Much more than just an IMS: to manage all the images in your laboratory


Types of use

Towards full digital pathology

Telemis helps you convert your laboratory into a 100% digital environment, whether for routine clinical tasks or collection.

Integration of algorithms

Smart algorithms can help pathologists in counting or speeding up a specialised diagnosis. Because it is open and scalable, TM-Microscopy lets you integrate existing and future algorithms at no additional cost.

Remote working

For a second opinion, scientific sharing of one or more cases (tumour board), or simply working from home,
TM-Microscopy offers all the necessary workflow andviewing features. It requires no installation on your computer and is completely secure.



The solution

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Why choose Telemis ?

  • Backed by over 20 years of experience in managing images from different

  • departments (e.g., radiology, cardiology, surgery), Telemis developed TM-
    Microscopy, an IMS dedicated to the anatomopathology department.

  •  TM-Microscopy lets you manage the workflow (linking cases to doctors,
    list of cases to be interpreted, on-screen diagnosis, and an integrated report
    management tool).

  • The platform is 100% Web.

  •  The micro-service architecture is infinitely scalable.

  • The solution is already installed and routinely used in prestigious hospitals, both
    teaching and private hospitals.

  • The system is natively compatible with most image formats (MRXS, NDPI, iSyntax,
    SVS, DICOM, TIF, etc.).
     TM-Microscopy is compatible with the best-known AI solutions (e.g., Visiopharm,

  • PaigeAI, Aiforia, MindPeak, VMScope) but can also be integrated with locally-
    developed algorithms.

  •  The platform can be integrated into the existing environment, including LIS
    software and the hardware infrastructure.

  • Commitment to the quality of the services provided.

  • Complete financial cover.

  • Customer-focused R&D department.

  •  “All-inclusive” approach.



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