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Thanks to its experience in the MACS sector, Telemis is accustomed to capturing all types of images, particularly thanks to TM-Capture, which transforms your smartphone or tablet into a modality. All of this obviously takes place whilst preserving the link to the patient's identity. So, this technology has been extended and adapted to the field of microscopy, to allow the processing of different types of images: macro images, micro image captures, and mega images scanned with slide scanners. Moreover, algorithms can be added to the simple 2D images and the mega images. Although certain algorithms already exist, the TM-Microscopy lets you add more algorithms, so it remains fully personalisable. We're ready when you are!

Integration into the LIS/DMI
Download the patient identifiers and studies from the LIS/DMI systems. A deep link takes you from the LIS to the images.
Complete viewer
Provides pyramidal mode viewing from the measurements stage, through comparison, and on to the reading of mega images.
(Semi-) automatic acquisition of macro images.

The solution

TM-Capture option
Your smartphone takes all the photos (iPhone® and Android®).
Microscope capture
JPG captures are also integrated into your system.
Slide scanner
The most common formats are integrated into your system for real on-screen diagnosis.
Production and scientific system
The most common formats are integrated into our system for real on-screen diagnosis.

LIS server

LIS client





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ID check





Phase 1: Macro and micro
Acquisition, storage, archiving and distribution of macro images and JPG micro captures. Also includes the collection functions and training modules.
Phase 2: Mega images
Management of mega images, remote pyramidal viewing, second opinion and annotation tools.
Phase 3: Algorithms
Usage and adaptation of counting algorithms to your practice. Our engineers are available to personalise your algorithms.
Use your smartphone to easily capture macro images. After being sent to the system, the images are not stored in your device.
Expert evaluation
Take advantage of the expert opinions of your colleagues or share your opinion with them via a simple, secure internet link.
Place macro and micro images in collections. Also create key word or pathology code searches. Finally, switch to anonymous mode for users.


For the patient

  • A high-quality diagnosis through better pharmacodiagnostics.

  • Better discussion between pathologists for a better diagnosis of the sample: it's a truly strong test, aiming to offer health care of equal quality to everyone, irrespective of location.

  • Better discussion between physicians on a complex ontological problem: simultaneous viewing in the same location of the slide, the x-ray, the isotopes, etc.

For the institution

  • Optimising distribution and access to anatomopathological images: retrieval, storage, and supply of images available everywhere in the institution.

  • Improving diagnostic performance when automatic counting techniques can be used.

  • Optimising collaboration and the performance of the anatomopathology team.



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